Posted: December 11, 2017

It is a season of gifts, and if you receive a new smartphone or tablet, we just know that your highest priority will be college/work email. “No!” you will shout to friends and family, “None of those cool apps and no music yet…first I must check my College of Ag Email!” We have you covered, even while we’re closed!

The holidays often bring gifts, and sometimes that gift is a new smart phone or tablet. If you would like to configure a new device to send and receive mail, contacts and/or calendar items using the College's Exchange mail server, we have information and resources that can help. We have step-by-step instructions for two systems with the greatest market share - Android and iOS. In both of these documents your steps may be a little different based on your specific OS version - but you should be able to use these steps as a general guide.

Another option for managing email and calendaring on a handheld device is to use the Microsoft mobile app, Outlook. This app is available free for both iOS and Android. We have steps to help you configure this software, and they can also be found at the website above.

It would be a daunting task to write and continually revise step-by-step setup instructions for every device manufactured and every OS installed - iPhone, Android phone, Chrome, Fire, 2Cans-1String and many others. If the steps above are not helpful for your device, below are some of the most commonly requested pieces of information that may be helpful. In a worst-case scenario, you can share this information with your device's tech support or vendor (or the nine-year old down the street who seems to know everything tech related…).

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