Dell computer systems are configured with a 4-year hardware warranty (optional 5th year can be purchased). The hardware warranty expiration date is based on the date of shipping.

Hardware repairs and/or support can be obtained by contacting Dell Support. Support for software and software-related issues are covered by AgIT. Changes in the technology and compatibility with new software are challenges as the hardware ages. This is particularly important regarding virus protection, spyware detection, and computer diagnostics. Therefore, support beyond the 4-year warranty period cannot be guaranteed. Computer systems that cannot maintain current antivirus, spyware, and operating system standards will be removed from the college network system.

It is recommended that you maintain a list of your hardware service tag numbers and their warranty expiration date (including servers) for your technology and financial planning. To check on the Dell hardware warranty expiration date, go to Dell Support. Select 'Warranty Status' and enter the Service Tag Number. Please contact AgIT Support via the online Help Request Form if you need assistance or experience a problem with this process.

Repairs after the warranty expiration are the responsibility of your office/department's operating budget. Dell Support will continue to provide your hardware diagnostics. Hardware support such as the installation of replacement parts, hard drive data recovery, etc. will also be at your office/department's expense. You may need to identify a local vendor for this service.

For campus offices, Penn State has contracted with Connecting Point to perform out of warranty service for computers and printers. You may use a Penn State Purchasing Card or Purchase Order for payment.

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Phone: 814-234-3586

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