Posted: October 23, 2017

There are things we take for granted – they are just always there and they just always work…and it isn’t until they disappear that we even notice them. Such is the situation with the one-click to open Penn State’s Directory Services inside Outlook. It just disappeared – disappeared faster than a plate of Tollhouse Cookies at a team meeting!

Early on in our use of Outlook and Exchange we learned - and taught - how to make a folder that would open to Penn State's faculty/staff/student directory. And, it was a great find and helpful tool. We could look up an address, copy and paste all within Outlook. This was especially important to all of us in those early days of using only one small (compared to today!) monitor. Flipping from Outlook to a web browser and back was many clicks and more time!

Alas, Microsoft software engineers discovered that the same functionality that was so helpful then has now become a security vulnerability - and as such, it had to be removed from Outlook.

You can have the same functionality, but perhaps with a little less convenience. The directory is available from any web browser - Chrome, FireFox, IE, Edge and others - at the website . You can bookmark the page, or add it to home pages when you launch in your favorite browser.

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