Posted: March 17, 2017

The Barracuda fish is a fearsome and ferocious fish, patrolling the seas in search of prey <confirmed by Wikipedia and not disputed by Snopes>. The Barracuda spam filter is a fearsome and ferocious service that patrols the College of Ag email system in search of spam messages. A recent upgrade has changed what you see in your spam reports!

You will see a new look in your mailbox - and better functionality - after the latest update to the Barracuda system that has been used by the College of Ag for the last several years. During a recent month, 514,104 pieces of email were sent to us from outside the College's mail system. Of that number over 65,836 looked suspicious - they were either blocked, quarantined and reported to you, or arrived in your mailbox with the indicator [suspected spam] in the subject line.

The upgraded software will give us a better analysis and as a result, give you less spam to deal with. As with the previous version, you will get an email notification on the days that Barracuda has quarantined mail addressed to you. What you see in your mailbox is a little different than the previous version. In the From/Sender column you will now see Email Security Gateway as the sender. An image of that mail in an inbox is below.


These days clicking on unfamiliar messages with clickable links is dangerous - we include this in today's IT Matters to help you to know that these are valid messages even though they are different from what you have received in the past.

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