Posted: March 17, 2017

iOS 10 – the current operating system for Apple’s iPhone and iPad has a great feature to help you to unsubscribe from email listservs that are filling your mailbox. It is so simple and so easy that you might find yourself unsubscribed from valuable lists by accident!

When the default mail app on an iPhone or iPad notices that a message is from a mailing list, it will present a box at the top of the email telling you that the message is from a list and offering a quick and easy way to unsubscribe. This is a great feature and can be helpful to unsubscribe from lists that have become spam to you. But, the button to unsubscribe is only about a quarter of an inch away from the button to return to your mailbox. A click in the wrong spot followed by a distracted click to confirm and suddenly you're wondering why your colleagues know things that you don't know!


You can avoid an accidental unsubscribe by being careful where you click, or by clicking the small x at the right of the unsubscribe message to close that option before returning to mailboxes.

Take full advantage of this feature when it is useful, but beware of it when you're busy and/or distracted!

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