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Computer lifecycle

Your Ag IT teams want to work with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your computer.

Understanding Ransomware

Over the upcoming weeks, Ag IT's Cyber Hygiene journey will focus on Ransomware.

Increasing our cyber security posture

Through our partnership with Penn State’s Office of Information Security (OIS), Ag IT would like to remind the Ag Community to continue practicing good cyber hygiene to keep our accounts and technology safe and secure. Recent history has demonstrated that cyber-attacks are more likely to occur when global conflict exists and maintaining a heightened level of awareness is more important now than ever.

Computer restart reminders to begin week of February 21

As part of our Cyber Hygiene journey, Ag IT will begin deploying restart reminder pop-ups through BigFix, our computer management software, the week of February 21, 2022.

Ag IT to offer Automatic Restart Program

Regularly restarting our computers is a foundational component of good cyber hygiene. However, restarting is something that is often an “I’ll do that later” task. Ag IT recommends restarting your computers at the end of every work week and we want to help make remembering to do it as easy as possible.

Ag IT introduces a Cyber Hygiene journey

Ag IT is embarking on a Cyber Hygiene journey, and we ask that you join us! Through this partnership, we will create and sustain a more secure computing environment within our College. Following is a high-level overview of our campaign to improve cyber hygiene in 2022.

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