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Windows 7 Operating System Set to Retire

Microsoft introduced the Windows 7 operating system in 2009. After ten years of dedicated service, Microsoft has announced its retirement date of December 31, 2019. Those of us who toil for Penn State usually need more than ten years before retirement – it must be nice to be a part of Microsoft!

Office 365 – Not your Father’s Microsoft Office 2016!

Over the past many months you’ve been upgraded to the newest version of Microsoft Office – Office 365 and also to a university-wide mail system, Exchange 365. Learning to do what you’ve always done is pretty straightforward between your older versions and the new one….but that is the boring and safe place on the sidelines. The big kids jump into the fray, give things a shot and learn how much more the newest Office Suite can be!

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Over Winter Break

If you use your personal cell phone for two-factor authentication to Penn State services, we’ve found a few reminders that may be helpful to you for the upcoming winter break. There are 2FA considerations if you get a new phone, and suggestions for success if you travel over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house – or especially if your destinations are more exotic or remote.

One Hundred Thousand!

100,000 is a lot of somethings. 100,000 days ago it was 1744 and the USA was still a colony. 100,000 calories is 14 gallons of PSU Creamery Death By Chocolate ice cream, or 177 Big Mac sandwiches. If you bought 100,000 Agronomy Guides and laid them end to end you could make an 8.5 inch wide path from Independence Hall to the King of Prussia Mall (and would have to spend 3.5 million dollars…). 100,000 miles is nearly half-way to the moon.

Help Wanted: Pilot Test Volunteers

We’re looking for a few people who are willing to do extra work, offer candid opinions, and be a pioneer of software testing….all for no increase in pay, no increase of time off, and no snacks. You will gain the respect and admiration of the whole Ag IT Team, though….and that is worth a lot!

Zoom…..into the Future!

In July 2016, Penn state invited all of us to test and critique two desktop video conferencing solutions, with the intent to adopt one as our preferred and sponsored platform. Votes are in and tallied, write-ins tabulated and included, then certified and adopted. Who won?

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