Posted: December 7, 2018

The holidays are here, and your brand new smart-phone is on the mantle while you struggle to read email on a spiderwebbed-cracked phone screen. Why? Because Ag IT is closed for the week and you don’t know the steps to configure the new one to your email!

Face it - you know it is true. How humbling it is to have a master's degree in Adult Education from a prestigious land grant university in Pennsylvania, or maybe even a Ph.D. and an endowed professorship, but find yourself on a holiday afternoon sitting on the living room floor asking the eight-year-old grandson or niece to set up your Office 365 email on your brand new smart phone. We heard reports last year that some little whippersnappers even rolled their eyes at the request.

Well Ag IT will help you outsmart the little geniuses this year. After you open the box, express your appreciation, throw away the wrapping and all the manuals it will be time for you to check email. Grab your phone and head to this webpage for directions (it may be easier to browse to the webpage on another device - computer or smart-phone - so that you can see your phone and the directions at the same time):

Tap, tap, tap and your mail will be incoming and outgoing, and you can show the eight-year-old who is who. Then you can go upstairs and prove that you are even better at napping, too!

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