Posted: December 4, 2019

If you get a new smartphone over the holidays you may not want to wait for the new year to talk to your colleagues in Ag IT to get the phone set up to send/receive Penn State email. Even though it would give you plausible deniability..."Huh? I didn't see your December 23 message until January 2!!"…you would also be out of the loop for messages that you may want to see. Never fear – configuring email is easy on a new phone!

When the holidays bring a new smartphone, you will probably want to first watch every video available on YouTube, and after that you'll want to try every game available in your app store.  That will take a day or so, and then you'll be bored - and then maybe you'll think about adding email to it.  You can get it connected to your Penn State email very quickly and easily. It starts with an electronic trip to your phone's app store to find and install the Outlook app. That is step one, and there are only three more after that! Get the details here:

Information Technologies


401 Ag Administration Building
State College, PA 16802