Change Ownership of a Phone number or Disconnect it

Sometimes it's necessary to change who a phone number is assigned to or change how the voicemail is managed. You may need to disconnect a phone or phone number as well. This How To should give you some guidance on what you need to do via ENCS.

Get ready for MS Teams migration

This page lists some of the before and after things that needs done to get ready for the MS Teams migration and also the To Do list for after you have been migrated.

Handle incoming calls in MS Teams

This How To reviews some of the basic tasks when receiving calls via MS Teams.

Handle unanswered calls in MS Teams

There are a several options for handling your unanswered calls including forwarding to voicemail, fowarding to another person, or simultaneous ring on another number. MS Teams also has an option for having a different voicemail message when you are out of the office.

Log into your Audiocodes Teams phone

There may be a need to re-log in to your Audiocodes Teams phone. You will need access to a computer and the physical phone as well. Some of the steps need to be completed on the computer while other steps are completed on the phone.

Manage and handle Call Queue calls

Call Queue is a special configuration for MS Teams where a pre-defined user(s) can answer the main line. Call queues route callers to people in your organization who can help with a particular issue or question. Calls are distributed one at a time to the people in the queue, who are known as agents. When you are part of the call queue, the incoming call experience is a bit different than a normal call to you. You can also manage or opt-in/opt-out when you need to be part of the call queue.

MS Teams Phones & Calling tips

This is a list of various tips for using MS Teams.

MS Teams resources from Microsoft and Penn State
Request a phone number for MS Teams

A phone number is required to allow calls to outside PSU staff. This must be requested through PSU.

Request modifications to Office Call Handler or Phone Tree

The Call Handler, Auto Attendant or Phone Tree that your office uses is managed by ENCS/Phone group or the Office365 Teams group at PSU.

Teams Phones - Setting Preferences

Once you have migrated to Teams Telephony, Teams Phones, there are a few settings within MS Teams to configure so you have a better experience with Teams calls.

Teams-to-Teams Calling - Setting Preferences (No PSU Phone Number)

Once you have migrated to Teams Telephony, Teams-to-Teams Calling, there are a few settings within MS Teams to configure so you have a better experience with Teams calls.

Video Tutorial - Teams Telephony Configuration and Use

This video will walk you through setting up your Teams Telephony preferences and making and receiving calls. This is relevant to anyone using Teams Phones with a PSU Phone number. Teams-to-Teams calling is similar, but some configuration options are not available.