Sometimes it's necessary to change who a phone number is assigned to or change how the voicemail is managed. You may need to disconnect a phone or phone number as well. This How To should give you some guidance on what you need to do via ENCS.

  1. Go to the ENCS Help Center and logon as normal:
  2. Select the option for either I would like to disconnect a phone or I would like to change Voice/Voicemail Ownership, a Password, or Single Inbox Voicemail Notification Setting.
  3. Scroll down since additional selections may need to be entered.
  4. Note: There may be a URL at the bottom depending your choice in step 3. Click that link and provide the necessary phone number and changes to be made.
  5. Otherwise click Order Now at right or click Submit Request at bottom when all info is entered.

PSU's ENCS will reach out to you related to this inquiry.

You may also call 814-865-HELP(4357) for assistance.