Hiring and Search Committee Procedures

Initiate the job posting. Conduct the search. Hire the successful candidate.

The College of Agricultural Science has enacted a specific protocol for hiring faculty and postdoctoral scholars.

Begin the search process, help candidates apply, and initiate the hire.

Penn State Extension has a large population of wage employees and is considered a "decentralized wage unit." As such, the college will continue to provide wage onboarding within extension rather than sending them to Shared Services.

To receive access to applications, cover letters, and resumes in the Electronic Jobs Management System (EJMS), employees must first review the College of Agricultural Sciences Search Committee Training.

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Clear to Work Checklist

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Cleared to Work FAQ

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Determining Cleared to Work 09.15.18

Grad Decentralization

HR102 Separation Checklist

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Request to Fill image

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WorkLion Portal image

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Reference Check Sheet

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2019 Search Committee Training Presentation

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Hiring Procedures for Postdoctoral Appointments, May 2019

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Request to Fill University Park (non-Extension) May 2019

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Request to Fill University Park (non-Extension) May 2019

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Request to Fill a County-Based Educator or Program Assistant Position

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Request to Fill County-Based Administrative Support Position