Begin the search process, help candidates apply, and initiate the hire.

Instructions for Applying for Part-Time Positions. General applicant pool postings are typically renewed on a semester or yearly basis. If assistance is needed in determining the appropriate job posting to choose, the hiring manager should reach out to the department's HR Consultant.

Creating a New Part-Time Job. If it is required that a unique part-time job be posted to search for a qualified candidate, please submit a Request to Post Part-Time Job form via the WorkLion portal. HR Shared Services will then post the job, provide the requester with the posting number, and grant access to view the candidate pool.

Federal Work Study. The Penn State Jobs website provides a link to a separate web page for federal work study jobs. To apply, students must validate eligibility by logging in with their access ID and password. Only students with a valid federal work study award will have access to apply for these positions.

Identify Top Candidates. The hiring manager will identify a list of qualified candidates and, if appropriate for the position, begin scheduling and conducting interviews. After the interviews have been concluded and the final candidate has been identified, the hiring manager will perform reference checks using a reference check sheet.

Determine the appropriate hourly rate. If assistance is needed in determining an appropriate hourly rate, the hiring manager should reach out to the department's HR Consultant. The hiring manager is also responsible for gathering any additional approvals required by the hiring department.

Extend a Verbal Offer. The hiring manager makes a verbal offer, advising the candidate that the offer is contingent upon the successful completion of the required background check(s). Please note that new employees may not begin working until the background check and onboarding session is complete. The following language should accompany every verbal offer:

"This offer is contingent upon successful completion of a background check. You will receive an e-mail from Penn State Human Resources with additional information regarding the background check process."

Confirm Hiring Details. It is recommended that the hiring manager send an email to the selected candidate confirming his/her start date, the anticipated number of hours the individual will work, and any other position-specific details.

Initiate the Hire via WorkLion. The hiring manager will start the hiring process via the WorkLion portal by completing the "Hire Part-Time Employee" form. HR Services will initiate the background check, provide instructions on how to schedule onboarding, and process associated HR forms.

Verify "Clear to Work" Status. For detailed instructions on determining "Clear to Work" status, please reference the following resources created by HR Shared Services:

Clear to Work Logic