Recognizing individuals who have contributed 25 years of service to Penn State

Members of the faculty and staff who complete 25 years of full-time University employment shall receive an official Penn State chair and a personalized certificate commemorating the milestone.

Dean Roush recognized 2018 honorees from the College of Agricultural Sciences on January 29th during a reception held at the HUB-Robeson Cultural Center.

See Policy HR49 for more information.

2018 Honorees

25-Year Service Award Honorees 2018

Del Voight, Darlene Ishler, Phillip Hoy, Dean Roush, Jerry Martin, Paula Morgan, Jackie Selby (missing from photo: Beth Irwin, Susan Valimont, Tom Walker)

  • Phillip Hoy
    25-Year Service Award Phillip Hoy (2018)

  • Beth Irwin (absent)

  • Darlene Ishler
    25-Year Service Award Darlene Ishler (2018)

  • Jerry Martin
    25-Year Service Award Jerry Martin (2018)

  • Paula Morgan
    25-Year Service Award Paula Morgan (2018)

  • Jackie Selby
    25-Year Service Award Jackie Selby (2018)

  • Susan Valimont (absent)

  • Del Voight
    25-Year Service Award Del Voight (2018)

  • Tom Walker (retired)

2017 Honorees:

  • John Askey
  • Melanie Barkley
  • Patty Dunn
  • Sharon Gripp
  • Lisa Holden
  • Claudia Mincemoyer
  • Paul Patterson
  • Harry Poorman
  • Toni Stuetz
  • Walter Whitmer
  • Juanita Wolfe (retired)

2016 Honorees:

  • Tim Beck
  • Jeffrey Borger
  • Vincent Cotrone
  • JD Dunbar
  • William Elmendorf
  • Shelby Fleischer
  • Todd Gantt
  • Mark Guiltinan
  • Jill Hadley
  • Tim Kelsey
  • Jim Ladlee
  • Jonathan Lynch
  • Diane Maggs
  • Bob Roberts
  • Susan Rossman
  • Julianne Schieffer
  • Kathy Shumac
  • Paul Smith
  • Frasier Zahniser