Recognizing individuals who have contributed 25 years of service to Penn State

Members of the faculty and staff who complete 25 years of full-time University employment shall receive an official Penn State chair and a personalized certificate commemorating the milestone.

See Policy HR49 for more information about the 25-Year Service Awards program.

2020 Honorees

The pandemic precluded the College of Agricultural Sciences from honoring the 2020 recipients in person. After the University has fully reopened, these valued colleagues will be invited to a celebration of their 25 years of service. 

Veronica Brown, Berkey Creamery
Retail Store Manager
Veronica Brown.jpg

Arthur Conklin, Berkey Creamery
Dairy Products Processor: Cultured Products
Arthur Conklin.jpg

Timothy Elkner, Lancaster County Extension
Extension Educator: Vegetable and Fruit
Timothy Elkner.jpg

John Esslinger, Columbia County Extension
Extension Educator: Horticulture
John Esslinger.jpg

C. Paola Ferreri, Ph.D., Dept of Ecosystem Science and Management
Associate Professor of Fisheries Management
C Paola Ferreri.jpg

Thomas Ford, Cambria County Extension
Extension Educator: Horticulture
thomas ford.jpg

Amy Gregor, Extension 4H Youth Development Programs

Education Program Associate
Amy Gregor.jpg

Joel Hunter, Crawford County Extension
Extension Educator
Joel Hunter.jpg

Patreese Ingram, Ed.D., Office of Multicultural Affairs

Assistant Dean, Professor
Patreese Ingram.jpg

Gary Perdew, Ph.D., Dept of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
H. Thomas and Dorothy Willits Hallowell Chair, Professor
Gary Perdew.jpg

Cynthia Pollich, MS Ed, Lancaster County Extension

Extension Associate: Food, Families, and Health
Cynthia Pollich.jpg

Robert Shannon, Ph.D., Dept of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Coordinator, Environmental Resource Management Program
Assistant ENRI Director for Environmental Education Water Resources
Associate Professor
Robert Shannon.jpg

Scott Sjolander, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
Crawford County Extension Associate: Community and Urban Forestry
Scott A Sjolander.jpg

Greg Strait, Fulton County Extension
Extension Educator: Animal Systems Programs
Greg Strait.jpg

Emelie Swackhamer, Montgomery County Extension

Extension Educator: Green Industry
Emelie Swackhammer.jpg

John Tyson, Mifflin County Extension
Extension Educator: Animal Systems Programs
John Tyson.jpg

Jacqueline S. Weikert, Information Technologies
IT Consultant
Jacki Sterner Weikert.jpg

2019 Honorees

  • Timothy Baker
  • Robert Berghage
  • Louise Byler
  • John Byrnes
  • David Eissenstat
  • Eileen Fabian
  • Majid Foolad
  • Timothy Grove
  • Tracey Harpster
  • David Huff
  • Cynthia Javor
  • John Johnson
  • Dwight Lingenfelter
  • Brian Macafee
  • Mark Madden
  • Denyce Matlin
  • Amy Murphy
  • Glenn Myers
  • Michelle Peiffer
  • Kathryn Pletcher
  • Lori Stasko

2018 Honorees

  • Phil Hoy
  • Beth Irwin
  • Darlene Ishler
  • Jerry Martin
  • Paula Morgan
  • Jackie Selby
  • Susan Valimont
  • Del Voight
  • Tom Walker

2017 Honorees

  • John Askey
  • Melanie Barkley
  • Patty Dunn
  • Sharon Gripp
  • Lisa Holden
  • Claudia Mincemoyer
  • Paul Patterson
  • Harry Poorman
  • Toni Stuetz
  • Walter Whitmer
  • Juanita Wolfe (retired)

2016 Honorees

  • Tim Beck
  • Jeffrey Borger
  • Vincent Cotrone
  • JD Dunbar
  • William Elmendorf
  • Shelby Fleischer
  • Todd Gantt
  • Mark Guiltinan
  • Jill Hadley
  • Tim Kelsey
  • Jim Ladlee
  • Jonathan Lynch
  • Diane Maggs
  • Bob Roberts
  • Susan Rossman
  • Julianne Schieffer
  • Kathy Shumac
  • Paul Smith
  • Frasier Zahniser