The Digital Marketing and Analytics Team supports teaching, research, and extension as well as our college administrative and service support units. The team is responsible for strategy and the implementation of digital campaigns to drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth. This includes providing insights on campaign performance to optimize audience performance indicators to ensure overall success. The team also manages the organic and paid social media strategy and presence for the college and extension across multiple channels, with a goal of consistent messaging, audience growth and engagement, and optimized use of financial and other resources.

Team Responsibilities

  • Engagement and assessing key metrics.
  • Lead paid search engine marketing (SEM) and social media campaign management.
  • Oversee social media content and strategy.
  • Create and optimize streaming radio and video campaigns.
  • Oversee marketing campaign analytics.
  • Consult on audience reach, targeting, budgeting, best practices, and emerging platforms.
  • Develop and maintain how-to resources, training, and best practices.

Team Skills

  • Digital marketing
  • Audience and industry trends
  • Digital marketing analytics and reporting
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Paid placement
  • Social media strategy
  • Database marketing
  • Market research

Our Team

  • Digital Marketing and Analytics Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Automation Manager