In our marketing unit, we've carefully structured diverse teams to ensure we can deliver successful solutions that align with customer preferences and expectations.

This comprehensive approach ensures that we not only strategize effectively but also execute seamlessly across various channels. By integrating teams specialized in strategy, creativity, analytics, customer engagement, and project management, we're equipped to navigate the complexities of modern marketing, adapt to evolving trends, engage customers across all channels, and deliver impactful outcomes that resonate with our audience.

Marketing Strategy

Partners with units, faculty, and staff across the college to understand business goals, develop marketing strategies to help reach those goals, and ensure that marketing budgets and spending are optimized.

Creative Services

Responsible for developing creative concepts, visuals, and copy aligned with brand standards and business objectives to reach audiences across a wide range of channels, as well as development of educational publications.

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Oversees strategy and execution of digital campaigns aimed at boosting brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth, and managing organic and paid social media across various channels.

Web Strategy and Operations

Responsible for the strategic direction and execution of the web and e-commerce operations for the college, which includes key websites such as,, and

CRM Strategy and Operations

Responsible for the strategic implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, primarily Salesforce, as well as ZSuite (4-H) and Hands on Connect (volunteer programs.

Event Registration Management

Responsible for the strategy and execution of the event-management process for Extension, including the management of the event registration platform Cvent.

Customer Service

Manages the primary extension customer support center and the spotted lanternfly call center, handling registrations, inquiries, issue resolution, publication inventory, and more.

Project Management

Provide project management leadership on complex, ensuring projects are on time, on budget, and properly resourced, while also administering the college's marketing project management platform, Workfront.