Learn how we use marketing technology to drive the customer journey, from awareness to retention.

A map of our technology solutions as they relate to the customer journey.

A map of our technology solutions as they relate to the customer journey.


This is the first stage in the journey when a person becomes aware that your business offers a service or product that they are seeking.

Technology: Social Media Channels - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, X

How the technology is used: We post content about the organization and the programs we offer, and share success and impact stories that exemplify our mission and values. We can then promote posts to reach potential customers based on their demographics, interests, behavior, or location.


This is the stage when a person considers purchasing your offering. They will research more information about your business and compare your offering with other options (competitors) during this stage.

Technology: Content Management Systems for the Web - Plone

How the technology is used: On our websites, we publish rich content about the college and extension's offerings and how they meet the needs that the target audience is seeking. We also demonstrate through news stories and multi-media how our offerings add value and will make the audience feel successful.


This stage is when the person purchases your service or product. The commitment has been made and they are now a customer.

Technology: E-commerce and Event Registration Platforms - Adobe Commerce, Cvent

How the technology is used: We provide user-friendly online platforms for purchasing products and services and registering for events and online courses. Credit card payments are securely accepted using PCI-DSS-compliant processes, and integrated fulfillment solutions ensure customers seamlessly receive their product or program.


This stage is when follow-up communication with the customer takes place about the product or service they purchased. It is also an opportunity to recommend related products and services to further enhance their experience.

Technology: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems - Salesforce, Slate

How the technology is used: Our CRM systems offer a holistic view of customer activity, providing customer service agents, student advisors, and other support staff a convenient way to see registration and order history, location, and demographics of the customer. This allows them to quickly and effectively handle inquiries without having to navigate multiple systems to access the information.


This stage is when customers remain engaged with your business through repeat purchases and referrals to friends and family. Over time, they become valuable advocates for your business.

Technology: Marketing Automation (Email) Platforms - Marketing Cloud, MailChimp, Slate

How the technology is used: We use marketing automation platforms to stay engaged with customers on a regular basis based on their interest areas and past participation in our programs. By sending relevant newsletters, event invitations, and product updates via email, we're able to capture their continued patronage in our robust educational offerings.