Greening the Lower Susquehanna Volunteer Corps will have a busy spring!

Posted: February 29, 2016

Livestaking, pollinator habitat planting, litter clean up, and more... check out all of the upcoming events!
Volunteers planting trees.

Volunteers planting trees.

Upcoming Spring 2016 Volunteer Events and Opportunities:

Specific details on what to bring, what to wear, and where to meet us will be provided when you register.

  • Monday, March 21 (2-4pm)
    Livestake Harvest
    Colebrook, PA

    Join us as we collect livestakes (small dormant branches) from dogwood shrubs and willow trees at the PA Game Lands in Colebrook, PA. We will be harvesting these livestakes to use in a streambank stabilization project in Middletown later in the week. Volunteers will be taught how to prune these small branches using handheld clippers. This is a great opportunity to spend a few hours in a beautiful outdoor setting, while helping to improve local water quality.

    **Registration for this event is officially open – please contact Jenn Fetter at or 717-921-8803 to let us know you are coming**

  • Saturday, April 16 (9am-12pm)
    Streamside Pollinator Habitat Planting
    Hershey, PA

    We will be removing invasive species and planting butterfly friendly native plants along a tributary to Spring Creek in Hershey, PA. In coordination with the Derry Environmental Advisory Committee, Friends of Derry Township Parks & Recreation, Hershey Gardens, and the Hershey Trust, we will be creating habitat for important pollinator insects and improving streamside habitat along Cocoa Ave. Volunteers will be helping clear marked areas of invasive species and the planting native species in their place. This event will be great for groups who want to volunteer together, and also individuals.

    **Registration for this event is officially open – please contact Jenn Fetter at or 717-921-8803 to let us know you are coming**

  • Saturday, April 23 (10am-12pm [clean-up] and 12pm-? [celebration])
    Conewago Creek Litter Clean-up & Earth Day Celebration
    Elizabethtown, PA

    Join us for a late morning litter clean-up along the Conewago Creek as part of the Great American Clean-up. After the clean-up, the Tri-County Conewago Creek Association will host an Earth Day Celebration with food vendors and educational programs like wildflower walks, wild animal demonstrations, fish electroshocking and more.

    **Registration for the litter clean-up is requested, contact Jenn Fetter at or 717-921-8803 to let us know you are coming**

  • Saturday, May 7 (9am – 12pm)
    Litter Clean-up near DeHart Dam (Harrisburg’s water supply reservoir)
    Halifax, PA

    Join us with Capital Region Water to help protect the pristine sourcewaters for the city of Harrisburg. This litter clean-up will take place in the Route 325 corridor around the DeHart Dam. If you have never been out in that region, it’s a beautiful weekend drive along the mountain valley. After the clean-up, Capital Region Water will be offering tours of the DeHart facility.

**Registration for this event will be taken by Capital Region Water. Contact Tanya Dierolf at to let her know you are coming**

  • Saturday, May 14
    Rain Garden Planting at Kauffman Park
    Manheim, PA

    We hope you will join us to plant water tolerant plants in a new rain garden in partnership with Manheim Borough. This rain garden will help to absorb stormwater runoff from nearby impervious surfaces (sidewalks, parking lots, etc.) We will guide you through the process while explaining how a rain garden works. This is a fun spring beautifying project to benefit water.

    More information coming soon.

More to come later in the spring!

The Greening the Lower Susquehanna Volunteer Corps hopes to see you this greening season!