The Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center was founded in 2008 under the former College of Agricultural Science's Environment and Natural Resources Institute (ENRI), now the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science (SAFES), in collaboration with Penn State Extension and the Penn State Experiment Station.

The AEC Mission

The AEC's mission is to catalyze integrated research and engagement related to the impacts of land use and land management on water and the environment.

It seeks to build and sustain partnerships with stakeholders engaged in land and water issues and integrate the College and the University's education, research, community outreach and extension assets to help communities and stakeholders solve land and water-related environmental problems at multiple scales.

Since its founding, the AEC has been highly effective in engaging diverse stakeholders involved in addressing today's water quality challenges. Moving forward, we will continue to provide innovative and dynamic leadership to achieve healthy land, water and environment through integrated research, extension, education and collaborative community engagement.