The AEC is announcing the 2018 Summer Internships. Lower Susquehanna Office, Penn State Harrisburg, Middletown, PA

These fact sheets provide information on a variety of issues relating to agriculture and the environment.

The AEC and its Chiques Creek partners help horse owners meet their conservation goals.

College of Agricultural Sciences students and faculty, fresh off an amazing educational and cultural exchange in Sweden, returned to the United States with a deeper appreciation of the challenges faced in restoring the Baltic Sea, and lessons learned for Chesapeake Bay restoration.

Pennsylvania farmers across the Chesapeake Bay watershed are invited to help capture many of the conservation practices that have been implemented throughout the state. This survey will inventory these practices, ensuring that the agricultural community receives the credit it deserves for improving water quality.

In fall 2014, the College of Agricultural Sciences launched its “Science for Solutions” seminar series. These seminars explore today’s pressing environmental issues and research innovations to help solve them. All seminars are delivered by the AEC as webinars. Two series, “Combatting the Wicked Nutrient Problem,” and “Emerging Contaminants” are presently offered.

Learn the background knowledge and the steps you need to successfully manage stormwater on your property.