Community Watershed Engagement

The AEC has developed and employs an innovative community engagement model, which combines and leverages the College’s stakeholder engagement, research, extension and engaged scholarship to help solve water quality problems. The community engagement projects in which we are involved is a hallmark of our work.

Through our Conewago Creek and Lower Susquehanna Initiatives, the AEC has established itself as a leader in building agriculture and conservation partnerships in Pennsylvania. Its high priority initiatives in the Commonwealth’s “nutrient hot spot” of the Lower Susquehanna continue to grow.

Following the successful Conewago partnership model, we are developing a Sustainable Watersheds Program at Penn State, which will engage local watershed partners and provide increased engaged scholarship opportunities for Penn State students.

Pennsylvania farmers across the Chesapeake Bay watershed are invited to help capture many of the conservation practices that have been implemented throughout the state. This survey will inventory these practices, ensuring that the agricultural community receives the credit it deserves for improving water quality.