Explore innovative tools and information to help landowners and practitioners implement conservation.

Penn State has been involved in the development and facilitation of innovative tools and information to help landowners and practitioners implement conservation. Click on the links below to explore and use these tools.

Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program
Conservation Toolbox for Municipalities


Conservation Project Tracker
About the Sub-surfer Applicator

Researchers have developed a new injection applicator for dry manures. Results show an increase in crop yields as well as a decrease in nutrient run-off and ammonia emissions by 90%. On-farm testing will take place throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Riparian Buffer Resources

Riparian buffers are one solution for protecting Pennsylvania's waters. This brochure explores the problem, the riparian buffer solution, streambank fencing, fence with vegetation buffers, and the gold bar; forested riparian buffers.

Poultry Extension Nutrient Management

Dr. Paul Patterson and his colleagues with the Penn State Poultry Extension Nutrient Management are revolutionizing win-win scenarios in collaboration with poultry producers and agribusiness by cultivating systems that utilize locally grown feedstock (willows and miscanthus) that provide multiple environmental and economic benefits as vegetative shelters, odor and emission barriers, feedstock for energy systems, and litter materials for growing poultry.

The Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater

Learn the background knowledge and the steps you need to successfully manage stormwater on your property.

Conservation Reserve Program Readiness Initiative

This USDA-NRCS national training initiative will help states meet demand for Conservation Reserve PRogram (CRP) general and continuous sign-up while maintaining the quality of CRP plans.

AG 101: Understanding PA Farm Operations

AG 101 is a series of online sessions that explore the many facets of farm types, operations management, economics, social aspects, and environmental considerations. The series looks at the multiple dials that Pennsylvania agricultural producers manage as they grow food, fiber, and fuel for their community, state, nation, and world.