The Pennsylvania in the Balance Conference would not have been possible without the generous support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment (Gold Sponsors); USDA Office of Environmental Markets, Penn State Environment and Natural Resources Institute, Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences (Silver Sponsors); Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, Stock and Leader Attorneys at Law, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, LandStudies, Inc., Red Barn Consulting, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, PennAg Industries Association, Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center, Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Penn State Geoscience, Penn State Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, Penn State Law, and Penn State College of Communications (Bronze Sponsors).

We would also like to thank the conference planning committee for providing their valuable time and insight in planning the conference, developing the format, and developing this report:

Bill Angstadt, Angstadt Consulting
Karl Brown, State Conservation Commission
Harry Campbell, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Denise Coleman, USDA NRCS
Matt Ehrhart, Stroud Water Research Center
Lara Fowler, Penn State University
Marel King, Chesapeake Bay Commission
Peter Kleinman, USDA ARS
Bill Neilson, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
John Quigley, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Russell Redding, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Jennifer Reed-Harry, PennAg Industries
Jake Reilly, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Matt Royer, Penn State University
Joel Rotz, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
Mary Seaton, Penn State University
Brenda Shambaugh, Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts
Kelly Shenk, US EPA Region III
Jim Shortle, Penn State University

Thanks to all speakers who provided key information and ideas for all conference attendees: Bill Angstadt, Angstadt Consulting; John Bell, PA Farm Bureau; Karl Brown, State Conservation Commission; Hannah Smith Brubaker, Village Acres; Harry Campbell, Chesapeake Bay Foundation; Denise Coleman, USDA NRCS; Josh Daniels, Just-A-Mere Farm, Matt Ehrhart, Stroud Water Research Center; Jim Harbach, Schrack Farms Partnership; Chris Herr, PennAg Industries; Jim Hershey, Hershey Farms; Peter Hughes, Red Barn; Marel King, Chesapeake Bay Commission; Raymond King, Dairy Producer; Pete Kleinman, USDA ARS; Lee McDonnell, PADEP; Scott Phillips, USGS; Russell Redding, PDA; Richard Roush, Penn State; Jim Shortle, Penn State; Steve Taglang, PADEP; Bill Wehry, USDA FSA; and King Whetstone, USDA NASS.

Also, many thanks to those who served as facilitators and note takers of the working group sessions:
Lara Fowler (lead facilitator), Bill Shuffstall, Judy Chambers, Neal Fogel, Jennifer Fetter, Ross Pifer, Sean High, Jeremy Bean, Kayla Kelly-Slattern, Anna Marie Nachman, Karen Feather, Kristen Kyler, Hillary Yarger, Mary Seaton, and Tom Smith.

A special thanks to chief conference coordinator, Mary Seaton, for her tireless energy and support.

Finally, a very special thanks to all producers, conservation professionals, and other stakeholders who attended the conference. Without your time and hard work, this report and the recommendations provided for a new path forward would not have been possible.