• Identify agroecosystems in which advanced methods of agriculture can provide substantial economic and nutritional benefits, while simultaneously reducing risks to the environment and human health generated by traditional agricultural practices.
  • To promote an increased understanding of the scientific bases underlying the emerging agricultural technologies and biotechnologies.
  • To promote an increased understanding of the benefits and risks associated with adopting emerging agricultural technologies/biotechnologies by developing and disseminating educational information to consumers/producers.
  • To assess the social and economic implications related to adopting emerging agricultural technologies/biotechnologies that affect the future of agriculture and to communicate this information to consumers/producers.
  • To inform and educate the developers of new technologies about changing public attitudes to technological change in agriculture and the food system and their implications for the development and adoption of new technology.
  • To facilitate active communication among faculty/staff, administrators, policymakers, consumers and producers to ensure that all viewpoints contribute to the safe and efficacious development and adoption of agricultural technologies/biotechnologies for the benefit of society.

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