What we bring to the Center

  • Technical knowledge: Expertise in insect management, pollinator biology. Consumer science and communication, diagnosing mental models and message design, message testing planning and evaluation of communication programs and much more…
  • Passion about the topics and desire to educate others about it.
  • Established presence with extension, ag and food communities via traditional and social media.

What we hope to get out of participating in Center activities

  • To learn better ways to communicate science to the public.
  • To help lead the discussion, inform society, and support the research and outreach mission of the LGU.
  • Provide accurate, timely and trusted information to various stakeholders.
  • To learn more about SELSI and gain a broader perspective of the science and communications strategies surrounding Ag Biotech.
  • To make interdisciplinary advances in ways that enables innovation and unlocks potential and increases understanding of science in society and of social sciences among scientists.
  • Help develop a framework for promoting environmentally resilient crops of high value.

Office for Research and Graduate Education


217 Agricultural Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802-2600