Proposal activities will focus on bringing researchers, extension specialists, and stakeholders together to outline research efforts needed to expand and improve production of high-quality wine grapes in the eastern US.

An important activity for this proposal is to include additional researchers and extension specialists from other academic institutions (Eastern and Midwestern states) interested in the multiple facets of wine grape production, processing, and marketing and a stakeholder group to determine direction and research needed. Specific activities envisioned are:

  • Activity 1: Information gathering sessions. The goal of these informal meetings is to present and discuss current and past wine grape research and extension activities conducted at each respective university.
  • Activity 2: Soliciting Stakeholder Input. A series of needs assessments will be administered to stakeholders in the mid-Atlantic region. By inviting participants from each segment (e.g., growers, winemakers, winery tasting rooms) and state, the PIs with be able to better understand each industry group's needs and learn if these might differ based on state or region.
  • Activity 3: Providing Direction. In summer 2019, the PIs will invite key researchers and extension specialists at other universities to participate in a two-day working group meeting. The outcome of this meeting will be to create an overarching plan for a multi-state, multi-institutional, and multidisciplinary research effort.

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