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College Research Priorities

The Office for Research and Graduate Education has identified five topic areas to promote and help guide faculty efforts toward a competitive extramural proposal. To identify these, we take a comprehensive look at the college’s portfolio and examine the strengths in the context of the current funding landscape. Across these five areas of existing and aspirational strengths of the college, we anticipate that there will be opportunities for funding large-scale proposals in the near future.

Consortium for Ukrainian Rural Agricultural Development

Supporting small and medium-sized agriculture enterprises in the breadbasket of Europe, with a particular focus on gender issues

Insect Pests - Trap Count Data

Weekly update information on trap counts for Codling Moth, Obliquebanded Leafroller, Oriental Fruit Moth, Redbanded Leafroller, Spotted Tentiform Leafminer, and Tufted Apple Bud Moth.

International Agriculture and Development Graduate Program

A dual-title degree program that provides a purposeful framework for internationalizing your education

Degree Requirements

What are the requirements for the INTAD dual-title degree?

Degree Requirements

What are the requirements for the INTAD dual-title degree?

Seasonal Monitoring Data and Models

Seasonal disease, insect, and thinning models for precision management of fruit diseases, insect pests, and crop load.

Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Ph.D.
Pennsylvania private forest landowners value fire as tool to manage woodlands

Fire can help shape ecosystems, and after a century of suppressing naturally occurring fire that has thrown forests out balance, some states — including Pennsylvania — are using controlled burns to help manage forests on public lands. Now, a new four-state study by a team of Penn State researchers shows that many private landowners in the Keystone State value controlled burns and are willing to pay for them on their woodlands, too.

Penn State Dairy Products Evaluation Team places high in a national contest

The Penn State Dairy Products Evaluation Team recently competed in the Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest in Milwaukee, placing high in several categories.

Science-to-Practice (S2P) Grant Program

The Science-to-Practice (S2P) grant program provides funding to support the formation and development of teams proposing to explore innovative methods, structures, and projects that foster the translation of research into outputs for dissemination and implementation.


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Research Innovator Award

The purpose of this award shall be to recognize faculty and staff in the College of Agricultural Sciences who have commercialized technologies generated through Penn State research.

Chad Dechow

2024 Research Innovator Awardee

Special Presentations
PaOneStop and Manure Hauler Trainings

PAOneStop,, provides reliable online mapping and planning tools to help farmers meet requirements for Agricultural Erosion and Sedimentation Control Planning, Manure Management Planning, and Nutrient Management Planning.


PaOneStop provides online tools to help farmers meet regulatory requirements for erosion and sediment plans and nutrient management planning. Demonstrations take place throughout the day at their tent in the Conservation area at the end of E. 5th Street. AgMap is Pennsylvania's leading web-based directory for agricultural products and services and is now available nationwide.

Agricultural Safety and Drone Demo Area

Each year the Agricultural Safety and Health program highlights a safety topic important to the everyday lives of farm families. Join us to learn about the hazards of all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) which are commonly used on the farm and for recreational activities. The team will show the potential for a rollover incident and ways to reduce the risk of an overturn and highlight the use of personal protective equipment. An agricultural rescue demonstration will take place to help prepare first responders approaching the scene, to properly manage a farm related incident as well as Stop the Bleed Trainings. Penn State Puller's will show their 1/4 scale tractor build. The Farm Safety Demonstration Area (SD) will also be used by commercial drone companies to demonstrate the safe use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

The Penn State student branch of ASABE, the Society for Engineering in Agriculture, Food, and Biological Systems, helps introduce students to the various facets of their profession through activities at both the national and local levels.

Sharing SharePoint Files with the public and/or for Cvent use

This How To is written specifically for Extension staff, faculty and educators that need to share files with the public for webinars, meetings, classes and similar items. Penn State does not allow public access to a SharePoint site by default. To save you steps of creating your own SharePoint site and then requesting public access and then managing the site, Ag IT has created Team SharePoint sites for each of the Extension teams and have created a Public folder for you to use to store your files for the public to use. This How To provides instructions on how to share a link with those that need access.

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