Maps, Buildings, and Tents

The Ag Progress Days maps are shown below depicting reserved booth locations from our 2017 show. You can also view the indoor layouts of each building or tent. Our new interactive area map for 2018 show is dynamic and the list of exhibitors is available from the tab at the top left as registrations are confirmed for this year's show. It features the outdoor exhibits in the area map. Click on the exhibit building/tent on the map for the indoor floor plan.
  • Interactive Map and Exhibitor List
  • Registered Vendors Only: Exhibitor Service Center. Exhibitors may Log-In to update their E-Profile on the Map
  • Map and Booth Label Reference Guide: Exhibitors have specific booth numbers, assigning them to their location to connect with our new exhibitor map and registration system. Booth labels identify the building, tent, or area with the first one or two letters coded for name of a location (See Location Abbreviation Key) *Locations pertinent to exhibitor space assignments are highlighted in yellow.

  • Indoor exhibits located in the building or tent are numbers from the entrance (oriented toward Main Street), beginning with the hundred number indicating rows 1-5, with the higher numbered row typically on the southern side of the exhibit tent or building.

    Outdoor exhibit booth labels use the first letter or letters identify if they are located East (E) or West (W) of Main Street or on the border streets of Demo Alley (D) and Harrington Lane (H) as noted on the map. The first one or two numbers identify the street on which they are located (1-13). Typically the exhibitor booth space numbers on the north side of the street are even, and those on the south side are odd.