Sick Leave

     An employee is entitled to leave with pay as needed for an absence due to illness or injury of the employee.  In no case will an employee receive salary for such an absence after it exceeds the limits of the following schedule:

   Length of Continuous Regular University                    Allowance for

    Service at the Beginning of the Absence                    Each Absence

      a.  Less than 2 years                                                20 days
      b.  More than 2, but less than 5 years                         40 days
      c.  More than 5, but less than 10 years                       60 days
      d.  More than 10 years                                            120 days
      e.  More than 15 years                                    At the discretion of the
                                                                        dean or administrative
                                                                        officer, but not less
                                                                        than 120 days. 

     An employee may use up to three (3) days of sick leave per calendar year to care for a sick family member.  Family member as used in this policy shall be defined as the employee's mother, father, spouse, child, grandparent, brother, sister, or person residing with the employee.  The care provided may include bed-side care as well as accompanying the family member to a doctor's appointment.

     Only days on which the employee normally would have worked are charged against sick leave limits.  If an employee returns to active employment, and within sixty (60) calendar days returns to leave with pay status for the same illness or injury, the amount of time charged to leave with pay for the previous absence shall be counted against the employee's allowance for the subsequent absence(s) for purposes of determining the new allowance.

     If an employee's absence continues beyond the appropriate sick leave allowance, the employee, at employee's option, shall either charge additional absence to accumulated vacation, or request a leave of absence without salary.  (HR-16.)  A salary deduction shall not be made for absence in excess of the appropriate sick leave allowance or accumulated vacation, if such absence is for less than one (1) day.