Initiate a Separation or Transfer: Full-Time and Part-Time

How a manager or employee should handle a separation (retirement, resignation, transfer, or termination)

When a manager or an employee becomes aware that an individual is leaving his/her position, the appropriate "Initiate a Separation" form (full-time or part-time) should be completed.


For full-time positions, the manager should complete the EA form, obtain a written resignation letter from the employee, and complete the HR102 Transfer/Separation Checklist. The completed form should be emailed to the appropriate HR Consultant. The HR Consultant will initiate the College of Ag notification process and send the completed form to HR Shared Services to process the necessary separation in the HR system. 


For part-time positions, the manager should complete the EA form and the HR102 Transfer/Separation Checklist. The completed EA form should be e-mailed to , copying the appropriate HR Consultant.