Kids and Family Exhibits

The Family Room Building, 4-H Youth Building, Kid's Tree Climb, Shaver's Creek Tent, Corn Maze, and Pedal Go-Kart Derby along with many other activities offer something for all ages.

Children and family members can play mini-games, watch food demonstrations, taste healthy food and drink, participate in a scavenger hunt and learn first aid and firearm safety tips in the family room. The simple goal of living a healthy lifestyle is not so simple in today;s increasingly complex society. Many people are overwhelmed with the steady stream of new information about ways to eat more nutritiously, become more physically fit, and keep all family members safe. The various exhibits are sponsored by the Penn State Extension Nutrition, Diet, and Health team and Nutrition Links Program; Penn State Extension Food Safety Team; Penn State's Food Science Department; Penn State University Police Community Education Program; and the Penn State Extension Pesticide Education Program.

Visit the fun and fascinating 4-H Youth Building! Learn and engage with our interactive exhibits. Learn about insects, hold them in your hands and discover the subject of entomology, pet rabbits, work with fiber arts, and learn about plant diseases.

Up for some fun? Spend a few minutes—or several hours—wandering through the corn maze with your kids. This maze is accessible for wheelchairs and baby strollers.

Kids can safely climb 40-foot-tall trees with ropes and a harness, just like professional arborists. Staffed by the Penn State Landscape Contracting Alumni and professional arborists.

Bring your kids for some fun exercise. Kids supply the power for these go karts at the serpentine track.

Discussions and hands-on natural history exhibits give you a close look at native Pennsylvania wildlife species. Presentations featuring live turtles, snakes, and birds of prey occur on the half hour.