In today’s busy society, it can be a challenge to find time to spend with family and friends. This year the Family Room houses Food, Families and Health exhibits. It offers a variety of interactive displays that will get you thinking about the overall health and wellness of you and your family.

Where: Main Street between West 8th and 9th St

Visit the Family Room, where Penn State Extension hosts Food, Families, and Health exhibits. Healthy eating, physical activity, keeping food safe and understanding how to take care of ourselves are all part of good physical and mental health.  Exhibit topics include: Mental Health, Movement and Wellness, Disease Prevention, Nutrition and Healthy Eating, Food Safety & Home Food Preservation and Pesticide Education. Also, join us for Cooking Demonstrations (see calendar of events or Food Demonstrations Link below) which will introduce you to new recipes.

Displays and Activities

  • Food Demonstrations                                                                                  
    Join Penn State Extension’s Food, Families, and Health and Food Safety and Quality educators as they prepare healthy recipes and demonstrate safe home food preservation techniques.

  • Mental Health and Wellness in Agriculture
    Farming can be stressful because so many things are out of your control – like the weather, equipment breakdowns, and economy. Become healthier and happier by learning to identify and respond in positive ways to stressors. Extension has resources and programs on this topic –stop by this display to discover tips to keep yourself, and your neighbors, mentally and emotionally healthy.

  • Food, Family and Health Display
    Physical fitness and nutrition information, along with tips on how to prevent chronic disease, will be available to assist you with your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Additional resources on mental health awareness, parenting, raising healthier kids, and childcare will also be available.

  • Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body                                    
    The health of the brain and the body are connected and making lifestyle choices may help to keep you healthy as you age.  Penn State Extension has partnered with The Alzheimer's Association® to provide research-based practical strategies to age well in the areas of cognitive activity, physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, and social engagement. Visit this display to learn about healthy approaches for aging well.

  • Home Food Preservation and Consumer Food Safety                             
    In celebration of National Food Safety Month in September, Penn State Food Safety Specialists will provide research-based information on how to safely store foods and preserve foods at home.

  • Pesticide Education Program                                                                    
    Seeing Double?  In the world of Pests and Pesticides, correctly identifying a pest or product can be confusing. Something that we think is a bad bug could actually be a good bug! The same can be said about a few household products. The container may have brightly colored flowers and fruits but is it a container of floor cleaner or breakfast juice? Visit the Penn State Extension Pesticide Education Program to learn more about things you find around your home that look-alike and can be easily mistaken.

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2022 Event Information


August 9, Tuesday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
August 10, Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
August 11 Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center
2710 W. Pine Grove Road
Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 16865


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