Help Tell the Story: PA Farmer Survey

Posted: February 26, 2016

Pennsylvania farmers across the Chesapeake Bay watershed are invited to help capture many of the conservation practices that have been implemented throughout the state. This survey will inventory these practices, ensuring that the agricultural community receives the credit it deserves for improving water quality.

We know that Pennsylvania farmers have done much to improve water quality and soil health. Yet many of the conservation practices that farmers have implemented are not accounted for in tracking progress toward priority water quality goals, including cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. This is especially true where farmers have implemented practices on their own initiative, using their own means to do so.

The survey was developed collaboratively by Penn State University, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, PennAg Industries Association, Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Farmers Union, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission, Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

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