Parking Permits

How to obtain a parking permit for faculty, staff, and students in the College of Agricultural Sciences.
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Information for Graduate Students to obtain upgraded parking permits.

Who Needs a Parking Permit?

Every employee or student, including wage payroll, part-time, or Fixed term, must have a parking permit to park on campus.

Obtaining a Parking Permit


Individuals enrolled in classes at Penn State are classified as students and must obtain student parking through the University Parking Office:

Eisenhower Parking Deck
Open Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Faculty and Staff

New faculty and staff must complete a parking permit application and email the completed form to our College’s parking chair, Mike Hoffman, at .

When completing the form, please "Save As" with your Last Name in the document name and email the form as indicated above.

The following information will be needed to obtain a permit:

  • 9-digit Penn State ID number
  • Home Address
  • Office and Home/Cell Phone Number(s)
  • License Plate Number(s)

Permits are the property of Penn State and must be returned if the employee is terminating employment or going on leave of any kind.

Updating Parking Permit Information

If you need to add a new vehicle, remove a vehicle or change the vehicle information for your parking permit, please use the Parking Office's online registration portal to update this information.  For instructions on using this portal, please view the Instructions for Updating Your Vehicle Information document.

Updating Email Addresses, Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers

When updating your vehicle information, please check your email address, mailing address and phone number information by using the respective management tools located at the online registration portal main menu. If any of this information is incorrect, please update the information in WorkLion, the University’s Human Resources System. These updates are automatically downloaded into the Parking Office database each day.

Returning Parking Permits

Permits must be returned to the College parking chair before the 10th day of the month in order to not be charged for that months parking. Individuals who have terminated employment, are on leave, or are not working over the summer months, must return their parking permit to the parking chair unless other provisions have been made. If the permit is not returned on the last day of employment, the individual will be held accountable for the fee of the permit.

Motorcycle Parking Permits

Faculty and staff registered for a vehicle permit, who own both a vehicle and a motorcycle, must add their motorcycle as authorized for use with their assigned vehicle permit. Once listed, the motorcycle may park throughout the day in any non-reserved vehicle space within the permit holder's assigned lot, or any designated faculty/staff motorcycle spaces (except for Commuter and Evening/Weekend permit holders).

Display of the vehicle permit on the motorcycle is not required, but one of the vehicles or motorcycles registered for use with the assigned permit may be parked on campus at any given time, unless they are also registered with another permit issued to another faculty/staff member.

Motorcycle-only permits for faculty and staff are no longer available

Motorcycle Parking at Gated Parking Facilities is Prohibited

During installation of new gate equipment at the East, HUB and Nittany parking decks, the service company performing the installation brought forth a safety concern regarding motorcycles entering through gated equipment. After consulting with the manufacturer, parking industry peers and the University's Risk Management Office, it was confirmed that the speed at which current-generation gated equipment operates could pose a serious safety issue for motorcyclists. With the safety of all customers in mind, all parties have agreed to prohibit all motorcycle parking at these facilities East, HUB and Nittany Parking Decks effective immediately.

As no motorcycle parking is permitted at the East, HUB, and Nittany decks at any time, motorcycles associated with permits for these locations will have access to the following parking areas (motorcycle spaces only):


-Lot Yellow R (located near Ag Administration)

-Eisenhower Deck

-Service vehicle/ADA parking area located near Geary Hall (available Fall 2018)

After 4 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays, motorcycles registered with a valid faculty/staff permit will have access to motorcycle or vehicle spaces in all faculty/staff lots, with the exception of Lot Green H (available on weekdays after 6 p.m.) and the East, HUB and Nittany decks (always prohibited).


As an alternative to parking on campus, the Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) offers the RIDEpass, which issues PSU Faculty, Staff, and Grad Students discounted bus pass, good on all CATA bus routes in the State College area, as a replacement for a parking permit.

For more information please visit Penn State Transportation Services, or review University Policy BS03: Faculty and Staff Parking Rules and Regulations.