Detailed information on the University Lab Coat Program with Cintas.


With the sale of the Penn Stater Conference Center at the end of 2022, lab coat laundering services were no longer available to the research community. Penn State University entered into an agreement with CINTAS in January 2023 to provide a cost-effective program to offer lab coats with laundering service.

For labs that are unsure if they need to wear lab coats, OSHA 1910.132 (a) says:

"Protective equipment, including personal protective equipment for eyes, face, head, and extremities, protective clothing, respiratory devices, and protective shields and barriers, shall be provided, used and maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition wherever it is necessary be reason of hazards of process or environment, chemical hazards, radiological hazards, or mechanical irritants encountered in a manner capable of causing injury or impairment in the function of any part of the body through absorption, inhalation or physical contact."

In summary if your lab works with any chemicals that may cause chemical/biological/radiological splash, spill burn or contamination on to the skin, then protective clothing must be worn.

lab coat breakdown.PNG

Pricing Breakdown

An example price breakdown for a lab of 5 researchers needing Knit Cuff Lab Coats:

10 Knit Cuff Lab Coats* $0.24(cost of coat) + $0.04(Uniform Advantage**) x 10 lab coats = $2.80

$2.80 x 4 weeks in a month = $11.20/monthly

$11.20 x 12 = $134.40/yearly

*10 Lab coats need purchased to use (5) for the current week and (5) for next week*

**Uniform Advantage covers any damages that may occur to a lab coat**

lab coat price breakdown.PNG

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Would I be locked into a contract with Cintas if I purchase lab coats through this program?

A: No, Cintas will not bind individual labs to any contract for lab coats. If you purchase ten lab coats and four months later need five, contact Cintas and they will adjust the number of lab coats you need to meet your need.

Q: My lab is a limited-term appointment based on funding. If funding ends for my lab/research, will I still be billed for lab coats?

A: If your lab loses funding, please contact Cintas and they will end delivery of lab coats to your space. Your lab can end the program at any time with no hidden costs if all lab coats are returned to Cintas.

Q: If I purchase lab coats, will I be billed weekly or monthly?

A: Cintas bills weekly but will change the billing to montly to accommodate having one charge to your Penn State purchasing card instead of four separate charges.

Q: How do I set up a pickup/drop-off location?

A: Please speak with your Building Coordinator to find the most convenient place to pickup and drop-off lab coats. This may be one general location within the building or on each floor (to maximize efficiency, Cintas cannot deliver to each lab)

Q: Do I have to purchase racks or containers for pickup or drop-off?

A: No, Cintas will provide racks for clean coats and a container to place soiled lab coats in for pickup.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact our Cintas Representatives for assistance

- Tom Best: or 570-687-7766

- Brian Murphy: or 814-237-5744

Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency (Police-Fire-Ambulance): 911
  • University Police: 814-863-1111
  • University Health Services: 814-865-6556
  • Environmental Health and Safety: 814-865-6391
  • Physical Plant Work Reception Center: 814-865-4731