Information for Graduate Students to obtain upgraded parking permits.

The College of Agricultural Sciences is allocated a certain number of permits in the East Parking Deck each year for use by Graduate Students.

The key factor to this allocation of available parking spaces to graduate assistants is that the individuals be selected based on greatest need. Ultimately, these selections can only be determined within departments. To be eligible, students must live off campus, and be registered with a current base commuter permit. Students using any faculty staff lot without the appropriate permit are subject to enforcement action.


The Parking Office suggests that you use the criteria developed jointly by the University Parking Office and the Graduate Council Committee on Graduate Student and Faculty Affairs as guidelines for assessment of requests for special parking privileges and distribution of the limited number of spaces allocated to each college. The criteria are as follows:

1. Need to collect experimental samples on a routine basis at one or more locations and transport them in an urgent manner to another location remote from the site of collection. (Note - "urgent" implies that sample integrity will be lost if not moved to another site for processing in a short period of time.)
2. Work responsibilities at more than one site that require frequent access, and cannot be reached by foot, Campus Loop, or Faculty/Staff Shuttle within 30 minutes or less.
3. Need to move heavy or cumbersome materials beyond what can be reasonably hand-carried between remote sites [Note - Student Floating Permits are available to each department and can be used with a regular student permit for the majority of related situations that do not otherwise fit this category.]
4. Responsibilities require individual to remain at campus site beyond the time when a dependent child in daycare or school can be reached by the required pick-up time if the vehicle is located in the Commuter Lot and no other personal resources are available.

The upgrade of privileges is not free and the ultimate fee paid by the student is roughly equal to that paid by any faculty or staff member for the same parking lot. Any fees that students have already paid for on campus parking will be taken into account, and the monthly upgrade fee will be adjusted accordingly.

As with all upgrades, overnight parking is prohibited, and an upgrade is not exempt from midnight clear restrictions.

Any questions should be directed to the Keys and Parking Office at 867-1851.

Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency (Police-Fire-Ambulance): 911
  • University Police: 814-863-1111
  • University Health Services: 814-865-6556
  • Environmental Health and Safety: 814-865-6391
  • Physical Plant Work Reception Center: 814-865-4731