Instructions to request building keys and the college's distribution policy.

Keys and Parking Office

112 Ag Administration Building

Hours: Monday - Friday  10:00am - 2:00pm

To Request a Key

To request a key, email the following to your unit-specific Access Coordinator (see table below):

  1. Name
  2. Penn State ID# (e.g., 1 2345 6789)
  3. Email address
  4. Keys needed

The Access Coordinators will be the only personnel permitted to request keys for faculty, staff, and students. Once a key is requested and approved, an email will be sent to the requester and the Access Coordinator indicating the keys are ready to be picked up. A digital signature will be captured on site when the keys are issued. As a reminder, we no longer charge for Key Deposits or Lost/Stolen keys.

Access Coordinators - College of Agricultural Sciences

Department/Unit Primary Contact Backup Contact Buildings

Stefanie Hugill

Kristen Greskovic

Ag Engineering
AESE Leslie Martin
TBA Armsby, Ferguson
Animal Science TBA Erin Mickney
ASI, AVBS, Meat Lab, Horse Barn, Dairy Barns, Poultry
Dean's Office/Ag Admin Kristin Price
Mike Parisi Ag Admin
Ecosystem Science Management Mary Jo Schillings  
Angela Clark
Entomology Victoria Siegle
Emily Slimak
ASI, Insectary, Chem Ecology, Merkle Lab
Extension/4H See Dean's Office contact ASI, Ag Admin, Spec Svc.
Food Science Peter Hanchar
Tom Dimick 
Food Science, Creamery
Greenhouses Scott Diloreto via Janice McMahon N/A Greenhouses
Plant Pathology Janice McMahon
N/A Buckhout, MRC, HH/GH, Rock Springs
Plant Science Janice McMahon
N/A ASI, Tyson, HH's, Valentine, LMRC, Rock Springs
Vet and Biomedical Sciences TBD ASI, AVBS

Key Distribution Policy

The purpose of this policy is to detail the process by which individuals needing access to the College of Agricultural Science facilities may obtain keys and/or card swipe access. The College of Agricultural Science, hereby known as the "College", is unique in that all key distribution and card swipe access is handled by one central office located in 112 Ag Admin Building. This office handles all key and parking permit distribution, card swipe access, as well as building/office recoring.

Access Coordinators

Each unit within the College will have one Access Coordinator and one back-up. Assigned by the Department Head, these individuals will be the only people permitted to request keys through the CAS Key Request System. (see table above for current Access Coordinators) The Access Coordinator will be a full-time staff member who has sufficient knowledge of the programs and personnel in the College. The goal is to ensure that keys, access devices and/or clearances are issued to individuals only for the areas to which they are authorized to enter. Access Coordinators can contact the Keys Office at .

Keys for Non-PSU employees or students

If an individual not affiliated with Penn State University requires access to CAS facility, it is the responsibility of the Access Coordinator to vet that individual as one requiring access. Within the CAS Key Database, this individual will be assigned an individual Ag account to track the key(s). Please be sure to check the box in KRS indicating "Non-PSU employee"

Departmental Keys

While not encouraged, many departments have office/perimeter keys that are maintained in a central location in the event unit staff may need access to a common space or have forgotten their keys. These keys must be assigned to an individual staff member even though they are for departmental use. The CAS Key Database is set up in such a way that all keys and access is assigned to an individual employee/student.

Key Audits

Annually, the College will prepare reports to each of the units detailing which individuals are assigned keys to that unit's spaces. It is the responsibility of the Access Coordinator to determine if a student has graduated or if faculty/staff have left either the unit or the University. If a key holder is no longer affiliated with that department, the Access Coordinator will attempt to recover the key(s).

Lost/Stolen Keys

The key holder and/or the Access Coordinator will immediately report any lost key(s) to the CAS Key Office. The Access Coordinator, Facility Coordinator, and University Police will assess the vulnerability of area(s) accessed by the lost or unaccounted-for key, and determine whether the area(s) need new cores installed. When a key is determined to be "unrecoverable", the Access Coordinator will prepare a new key request for the key holder. At that time, the Department will be advised of any replacement fee (and, when applicable, the recoring fee) that will be due.

Key Request Process

The Access Coordinator will log-in to the CAS Key Request System using their Ag user ID. It is suggested to use Mozilla Firefox to access the system. Input the required personal information for the individual requesting keys as well as the key symbols they are requesting. (Email generated - Pending Key Request - SMITH) Once received by the Keys and Parking Office, the request will be reviewed for accuracy as well insuring that the requested keys are available. If all information is correct and the keys are available, the Keys and Parking Office will approve the key request and an email will be automatically generated to the Access Coordinator as well as the Key Requester The keys will be pulled from available inventory and placed in an envelope for pickup. (Email generated - Key Request Approved - Ready for Pickup - SMITH). If there is an error or unclear information is submitted, an email with necessary corrections will be sent to the Access Coordinator. If the key requested is unavailable, the request will be backordered. (Email generated - Key Request - Keys Backordered) Once the key is available for pick-up, an email will be generated to notify the Key Requester and the Access Coordinator. Approved Key Requests are valid for 14 days from the date of approval. If they are not picked up within that time frame, the keys will be returned to inventory and request will need to be resubmitted. It is suggested to follow-up with the key requester to see if they still need to keys before resubmitting the request (Email generated - Key Request Expired - SMITH) The Key Requester will report to the Keys and Parking Office with their PSU ID card to pick up their keys and sign an electronic signature pad. A digitally-signed copy of the key agreement will be emailed to that individual upon pick-up. (a printed copy is available upon request) In addition, an electronic version of the key agreement along with the random key numbers picked up will be emailed to the Access Coordinator. (Additional training and information is available on the CAS Key Request System).

Key Request Time Limit

Keys requested will be held in the Keys and Parking Office for 2 weeks (14 business days) from the date of the request approval. If they are not picked up within that time frame, they will be returned to inventory and a new key request will need to be submitted. The key requester as well as the Access Coordinator will both receive an automatically generated email indicating the request has expired and needs to be resubmitted.

Key Return

Once an individual determines that they no longer need a particular key, that individual (faculty, staff or student) terminates employment with the College, or a student graduates and/or leaves a program any keys that they were issued must be returned to the Keys and Parking Office. These keys must not be left in a particular office or returned to an individual's supervisor or adviser. Once the keys are returned, information will be send to that individual's unit to advise that keys have been returned. Failure to return keys may result in a charge to an individual's unit for recoring of a facility or office. At the time of key return, any card access granted will be removed at that time as well.

Swipe-Card Access

As technology and security measures improve, more spaces across the Penn State University campus are transitioning from traditional key access to swipe card access. Card readers can be installed to gain access to a building entrance or a room entrance depending on the application. At University Park, access to these card readers can easily be added to your Penn State id+ Card. If you need access to a space controlled by swipe card access, simply email your departmental Access Coordinator with your name and 9-digit PSU ID number as well as the area you need to access and they will process a request to grant access. This request takes no more than 24-48 hours to process. You will receive an email from the College of Ag Key Request System that your request has been processed. Effective December 2020, card access only requests can be completed electronically and no longer require a visit to the office. Simply follow the link in the email you were sent and follow the 3 step process to provide an electronic signature. Upon completion of this process, your corresponding card access will be added to your ID card within 24 hours. Please see instructions here.

Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency (Police-Fire-Ambulance): 911
  • University Police: 814-863-1111
  • University Health Services: 814-865-6556
  • Environmental Health and Safety: 814-865-6391
  • Physical Plant Work Reception Center: 814-865-4731