Posted: June 19, 2020

Exceptions for Universal Masking

EXCEPTIONS FOR WEARING CLOTH MASKS: The use of cloth masks should not create an unsafe condition for the employee when operating equipment, executing a task, or restricting their ability to breathe while working. Employees should notify their supervisor and/or Safety Officer if wearing a mask presents a health and safety concern when conducting a work activity or impedes their vision.

Cloth masks do not need to be worn when conducting the following activities:
• Eating or drinking
• Isolated in a private office or vehicle
• Employees working outdoors alone or operating equipment (e.g., farm equipment, utility vehicles, lawn mower and other landscaping equipment); unless you are within 10 foot proximity to another individual (stationary or congested area). High touch surfaces on shared equipment must be cleaned and disinfected before use by another operator.
• Activities where heat stress represents a health and safety concern to the wearer of the cloth mask and social distancing cannot be maintained, then a face shield can be worn as an alternative face covering.
Note employees must have a cloth mask in their possession at all times and then immediately worn prior to entering buildings or otherwise in close proximity to other individuals.

Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency (Police-Fire-Ambulance): 911
  • University Police: 814-863-1111
  • University Health Services: 814-865-6556
  • Environmental Health and Safety: 814-865-6391
  • Physical Plant Work Reception Center: 814-865-4731