This Marketing Strategy Team is focused on non-extension departments and units, including teaching, research, and the Penn State Berkey Creamery. Marketing strategy specialists partner with faculty and staff across the college to understand business goals, develop marketing strategies to help reach those goals, and ensure that marketing budgets and spending are optimized. The team manages all internal stakeholder relationships and collaborates with internal marketing teams to develop integrated strategies.

Team Responsibilities

  • Develop and/or consult on goal-driven marketing strategies.
  • Manage the planning, implementation, and oversight of strategic marketing campaigns.
  • Build, manage, evaluate, and report on campaign performance.
  • Lead/guide cross-functional teams to create and maintain consumer-driven print and digital campaigns.
  • Lead market research and analysis.
  • Develop and maintain how-to resources, training, and best practices.

Team Skills

  • Market research
  • Audience and industry trends
  • Omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Value propositions, messaging, and creative insights
  • Working group facilitation
  • Project management
  • Client and stakeholder relationship management
  • Analysis and reporting

Our Team

  • Assistant Director of Marketing Strategy
  • College Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Strategy Specialist