Exhibitor Service Center is a resource to registered exhibitors for account information or payments, space reassignment applications, uploading certificate of insurances, and creating their ebooth profiles.

Exhibitor Service Center for Registered Exhibitors and Ebooth Profiles

Exhibitor Service Center

Exhibitor Service Center link above is available to all confirmed exhibitors!

Exhibitors who have confirmed their registration will have access to populate their ebooth profile, access account information, request reassignments and contract for sponsorships or program advertising.  You will need you company password for successful log-in.

1. Updating your EBooth Profile

  • Edit Booth contact information to ensure our office and clients have the most up-to-date contacts
    • Consider using Sales Representative name as a marketing booth contact
  • Populate general sales information so prospective clients can access your sales team
  • Add a company logo so potential clients recognize your brand
  • Write a company online profile description
    • Tell your company's story!
  • Select up to 5 product categories and add major brands for cross reference
    • This helps clients with specific needs find YOUR company
  • Add links to your website, Facebook, and other social media accounts
  • Be sure to "Save" at the bottom of each page you edit!

2. Requesting a Space Reassignment

  • Apply for a reassignment of your space, without giving up your current location until the offer is accepted for a new space.
  • Show management will do the best to meet your needs while insuring the best flow for attendees.
  • The returning exhibitors must pay for existing location and will have the first opportunity to relocate to open spaces.

3. Account and Payment Information

  • Print a invoice
  • Make additional credit card payments online
  • Review financial statements and print for your records

4. Review Required Insurance Information

  • Memo outlining specific requirements for your certificate of insurance
  • Workmen's compensation waiver form, if applicable
  • Insurance requirements for a subcontractor for services who is not on the facility's service provider list

5. Contract for Sponsorship or Advertising

  • Click on Contract from the top of the banner to open up the contract in the Exhibitor Service Console with your log-in
  • Review the variety of options and descriptions in the Gallery tab, viewable from our Log-in landing page.

Forgot your password?
No Problem! Email our office at agprogressdays@psu.edu or call us at 814-865-2018

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