Science for Solutions Seminar Series

In fall 2014, the College of Agricultural Sciences launched its “Science for Solutions” seminar series. These seminars explore today’s pressing environmental issues and research innovations to help solve them. All seminars are delivered by the AEC as webinars. Two series, “Combatting the Wicked Nutrient Problem,” and “Emerging Contaminants” are presently offered.

Offered in conjunction with the Penn State Center for Nutrient Solutions, this seminar series explores the “wicked” problem of nutrient pollution of water, one that requires a complex, multidisciplinary approach to solve.

Humans use a large variety of chemicals in their everyday activities (medications, personal care products, etc.) which become part of the wastewater stream. Many of these chemicals are classified as “emerging contaminants” due to their recent recognition as potential contaminants in various ecosystems. This series explores method development, assessment, monitoring, fate and transport, impacts on ecosystems and natural resources, and treatment of these emerging contaminants.