Posted: March 29, 2019

Help develop a better understanding of student engagement at Penn State! You can share your thoughts on student engagement by completing two surveys - and have the chance to win an Amazon gift card!

Students in Management 496 - Organizational Effectiveness Consulting are conducting research at Penn State to gauge what students think of "student engagement". The study includes a sequence of 2 surveys: Preliminary and Secondary. The first survey aims to determine general views on engagement, while the second survey will aim to assess how engaged you are personally.

Results from these surveys are COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. Requesting a PSU email is required for follow up with students with the second survey. These results will help the Penn State to develop an interactive online portal so that students can "find their why" at Penn State based on what other students from their demographic are engaged in on and off campus. As a thank you, there will be a raffle for 4 (one per winning student) $25 Amazon gift cards to students that participate in both surveys.

Preliminary Survey Link (

Secondary Survey Link (