Posted: July 8, 2020

This program is designed to guide you through understanding stress and how it affects you, identifying what causes you stress and learning how to manage it.

Interactive meetings will occur weekly on Tuesdays at 4:15 pm for 45 minutes.

Zoom link to Tuesday sessions :

  • July 14 - How Stress Affects Your Body - learn about how stress affects your body and participate in a body scan meditation
  • July 21 - Aligning Your Goals and Values - learn how aligning your goals & personal values can reduce stress and participate in a guided imagery meditation
  • July 28 - Mindfulness and Self-care - explore mindfulness and self-care and participate in a breath, sound, body meditation
  • August 4 - Affirmations and Action Planning - create an affirmation and action plan to reduce stress and participate in a loving kindness meditation

This program provided by Health Promotion and Wellness at Penn State.