Posted: April 2, 2018

CED 497 is a 2 credit fall course which gives you the opportunity to learn first-hand about immigration and labor issues in agriculture through service-learning with dairy farmworkers.

Ever wondered about the lives of the immigrant workers who harvest your food? Are you interested in providing a meaningful social service to the immigrant communities living right here in the State College area? In CED 497 you will travel on a regular basis to a nearby farm to teach English to Spanish speakers and converse with them about their lives in their home countries and here in the U.S. We will also engage in regular reading and reflection on the social dynamics of farmworkers in the U.S., labor concerns in the agricultural industries, and the impacts of migration on Mexico and Central America. By the end of the course you will achieve a deep and personal understanding of the transnational dimensions of Pennsylvania agriculture, opportunities and challenges for new immigrants to the U.S., and skills in English language teaching.

Apply to participate by May 30, 2018. Click here to access the course application.

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