Posted: October 30, 2019

Are you from a rural area? Participate in a research study and share your experience.

Doctoral student Erica Kryst is looking for university faculty, staff, and students to participate in research that focuses on the experiences of college students who grew up in rural areas. This dissertation will explore the relationship between college-going rural youth and their home communities through interviews about their college experiences. The central purpose of this research is to understand how students' identities change during college, and if this change is related to students' relationships with friends and family at home, and ultimately their thoughts about where to live after graduation. 

Participants will participate in one or two 45-60-minute interviews either remotely (via Skype or FaceTime) or in person.

Interested faculty, staff, and students should contact Erica directly at or via phone/text at 570-878-9308.