Posted: January 20, 2021

Register for access to all events during Study Abroad Week - Feb 1 - 5

Register here for access to any events during Study Abroad Week.

It's time to start planning for your Global Experience! It can be virtual or in-person, a course, a full semester program, international research, internship, or more. Events during the week of Feb 1-5 include information about internships, how to figure out what programs have courses that will count toward your degree requirements, how to apply for funding resources and figure out the most cost efficient programs, and more. Chat with Ketja about Ag programs at the Penn State Students Study Abroad: Mapping your Academic Plan event on Tuesday, February 2nd from 4-6pm EST. And, you are entered in a drawing for some cool door prizes for each event you attend!

Contact Ketja at if you have any questions.