Posted: November 2, 2017

Dick Willey, President of Perdue Agribusiness LLC, two corporate employees, and an HR rep will be driving approx. 6 hours to present and discuss with Ag students on November 8. Discussion will consist of issues and info about the domestic and international agribusiness for Perdue Farms (poultry), internship recruitment, as well as a compelling story on how Dick rose to become president.

At 5pm on November 8th in 101 ASI Building, students will have the opportunity to listen to and discuss with the President of Perdue Agribusiness LLC. This company is part of Perdue Farms which is in the top 50 of America's largest private companies with over $6.5 billion in revenues. There will be an HR rep there who will be recruiting for agribusiness and operational internships as well. This event is open to anyone interested, including faculty, grad students, and undergraduate students. Please come with questions to facilitate discussion. Come learn and experience a part of the Ag industry through a very powerful company!

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