Posted: September 27, 2022

Immerse yourself in several Native American communities of the Great Lakes region in the CED 400N course (Interdomain GH/GS and US cultures) and the travel component course, CED 401 (Maymester).

These two unique and award winning courses provide an option for students who are looking for a meaningful and affordable alternative or complement to study abroad.

Learn about the Ojibwe Native American world view, cultural practices, and unique ways of knowing with a combined course and travel experience.

Through critical readings, discussions, and participant observation, students will learn new ways to think about issues of ecology, science, and worldview.

These courses, Exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the Great Lakes Region (CED 400N) and Exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing among the Ojibwe (CED 401), present students with unique classroom and field opportunities to explore concepts and values distinctive to indigenous knowledge in the Great Lakes Region.

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