Posted: December 10, 2020

During finals week please enjoy various online activities and resources that are self-guided and self-paced. Below is an example of what you might plan into your week, but we will leave it up to you to design a schedule that works for you!

Monday, December 14th:
Develop your understanding of stress and how it impacts your life by taking the Stress Management 101 self-guided course. The course is designed to help you develop coping mechanisms and skills to manage and reduce your stress.

Take a prerecorded yoga and meditation class with Sima! We have over 50 available in our online archive!

Tuesday, December 15th:
Take a break from studying and cook a healthy meal with HealthWorks.

Wednesday, December 16th:
Check out the Manage Stress Workbook. Relax with a compassion meditation and body scan meditation.

Thursday, December 17th:
Visit the Mindfulness webpage on the Healthy Penn State website. Here you will find apps, podcasts, and guided meditations that promote mindfulness.

Friday, December 18th:
Wind down after a long week with a prerecorded yoga and meditation class with Sima.