Posted: October 11, 2019

Based on information received by the Bank of America Career Services Center at Penn State University Park, we have reason to believe that Penn State emails are being fraudulently misrepresented via emails to students and faculty/staff using the following subject lines: • WORK-STUDY EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY FOR PENN STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENT 2019 • STUDENT REFERRAL

We want you to be aware of this as it may be something that impacts you. It is strongly recommend that you DELETE and BLOCK any emails or phone calls you may receive related to these postings.

Be proactive in protecting yourself from Payment Transfer/Forwarding Scams!

Reminder not to:

  • Do not provide personal bank account, PayPal account, credit card, driver's license and/or passport information.
  • Do not participate in wiring or transferring funds from a personal bank account or PayPal account to another account. (Often times you may be asked to retain a portion of the funds as payment.)
  • Do not agree to have funds or payments direct deposited into your account without knowing and verifying the employer first.
  • Do not pay upfront fees for an employer to hire you (there may be some rare exceptions to this).

You are encouraged to review Penn State Career Services' page on Avoiding Scams and the Job Posting & Company Verification Disclaimer at:

Please contact Career Services with any further questions or concerns at